Queen Anne

Welcome to Queen Anne

VDB | Compass is a locally and nationally recognized luxury real estate team serving the greater Seattle and Eastside areas. We are dedicated professionals led by industry expert Mark von der Burg, who boasts extensive market success spanning more than 28 years. Our team is highly skilled and qualified to help you navigate through Seattle’s highly competitive Queen Anne Real Estate. Of all the neighborhoods in Seattle, only two or perhaps three have this level of competition for homes. Selecting the correct agency has never been more crucial.

About Queen Anne

Queen Anne sometimes called the “crown jewel” of Seattle real estate, Queen Anne has traditionally been home to some of the city's most elegant architecture, views, and venerable lineages. Known for its sweeping views, Queen Anne continues to attract those who are looking for an inviting, historic community.

However, like most of Seattle, Queen Anne is multifaceted. Bordered by Lake Union to the east, Lake Washington Ship Canal to the north, and Belltown to the south, this distinct neighborhood definitely has something for everyone of the best taste.

At the bottom of Queen Anne’s southern side is the bustling Uptown District, sometimes called lower Queen Anne with its excellent restaurants, shops, Seattle International Film Festival theaters and the Seattle Center home to the McCaw Opera House, Ballet, Repertory Theater and the Art Nouveau Teatro Zinzanni tent.

East and West Queen Anne, which meet in the middle at the top of the hill, perfectly mix residential areas that meet along a common business district on Queen Anne Avenue. Crowning the top of the hill’s view properties are the historic houses, quaint shopping streets, and quiet parks of Upper Queen Anne.

One of the most interesting properties for those interested in condo living is the former Queen Anne High School. With its soaring ceilings and soundproof brick walls, the property offers condos that are unique and hearken back to a stately era of living. Other historic buildings have also been converted to luxury living but, they are so quiet in their demeanor, you’ll need someone like VDB | Compass to point them out.

Literally ten minutes to the North and across the Fremont Bridge, Queen Anne has convenient access to the tech and art center of Fremont. Google, Adobe and several others maintain waterfront offices here lending the area a hip, vibrant air. Fremont is also known for its clever shops, massive statues of Lenin and a Volkswagen devouring troll, as well as its lively scene of microbreweries and chocolatiers. Fremont is also famous for its Solstice Parade, an experience of arts that must be seen to be believed.

The beautiful properties reclining on Queen Anne Hill display a variety of architectural styles. Owing its development to the period between the late 1800s to the early 1900s, the neighborhood has magnificent old homes that exude tasteful luxury. There are meticulously restored Brick Tudors that are known for handsome period details. You’ll also find, of course, eponymous Queen Anne-style mansions that showcase sculptural shapes and ornamented facades.

Many of the city’s consulates maintain residences here, as do several of the leading names from the area’s largest corporations. Though some of these choose to entertain large groups of pre-eminent guests, all of them utilize discrete valets and car services which make the comings and goings almost invisible. Due to its pedigree, Queen Anne also quietly offers a number of city services not available in other neighborhoods.

For those who enjoy modern living, Queen Anne has contemporary penthouses that overlook Puget Sound and Elliott Bay Marina. The area is adjacent to some of the city’s largest parks, extensive private docks and views of both the Olympics and Cascades.

Finding Your Queen Anne Home

With our extensive knowledge of Queen Anne real estate, we at VDB | Compass will match you to the home that suits your needs and exemplifies your style. Despite its central location, this Seattle neighborhood prides itself in discretion and taste. Many of its listings are “pocket” listings which means they go unseen by the general public.

Even if they are seen, this neighborhood, consistently lives at an expectation that many agents are too timid to reach. VDB | Compass knows this area intimately. We know the families and we know the avenues for offering the finest portfolio of Queen Anne homes.

We also have the experience to guide you through all of the twists and turns of the home buying process. Trust in our expertise and exceptional client care, and we will find you the perfect home on Queen Anne.