Capitol Hill

Welcome to Capitol Hill

Known for superior expertise in real estate and marketing, VDB | Compass is the company to turn to for luxury residential properties in the frenetic and competitive Capitol Hill neighborhood. Mark von der Burg, who has represented the most prominent estates in the Northwest for more than 28 years, leads our team.


Shhh, those in the know understand that this area is “Capitol Hill” not “Capital Hill,” However, it might be called capital for its energy. Named in hopes of once placing the State capitol here, Capitol Hill is perhaps Seattle’s most vibrant district. Located within easy walking distance eastward of downtown Seattle, it is a thriving urban center full of eclectic shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and parks.
The parks include both the converted reservoir, Cal Anderson Park, and the beautiful Volunteer Park with its Asian Art museum, Romanesque water tower, and stunning conservatory. The area also lies along both the underground Light Rail line to the airport as well as the surface trolley to Seattle's International District, the recently restored Neoclassical Jackson Street Train Station, and much more.

Of all Seattle’s neighborhoods, Capitol Hill is perhaps the most diverse both in terms of population and homes. Much of the classic Capitol Hill housing was built in the 19th and 20th centuries. These wonderfully restored and preserved homes, such as Victorian, Gregorian Revivals, and Craftsman-style offer unparalleled old-world charm and size. Dotted among them are Ecclesiastical residences, mansions of corporate magnates, and studios of cutting-edge artists. Capitol Hill is one of the most densely populated areas in Seattle, yet retains a casual, low-key feel that many other neighborhoods envy.
Many elegant properties can be found in the areas surrounding Volunteer Park on North and East Capitol Hill, while modern apartments and condominiums can be found in the lively commercial areas of Broadway and the Pike-Pine corridor. Pike and Pine are parallel streets leading to downtown that continuously capture the newest the city has to offer. Again, the neighborhood has condos affordable for artists and properties expansive enough for institutional giants. If you want to understand it, ask Mark von der Burg for a tour.


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