Yarrow Point

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Welcome To Yarrow Point

Positioned uniquely between Seattle and the Eastside, Yarrow Point is an idyllic, suburban neighborhood that features some of the most stunning real estate found anywhere. With incredible views of Lake Washington on all sides of the peninsula, plentiful parks, and a tightly knit community, this neighborhood is one of Seattle’s most desirable areas to live. In fact, Yarrow Point routinely wins awards for its quality of life, ranking in the top 10 best cities to live in Washington.

Location And History

Yarrow Point extends a mile northward into Lake Washington, and is one of three peninsulas on the east side of the lake. Collectively, the area is colloquially referred to as simply “the Points”, encompassing Yarrow, Hunts, and Evergreen Point. Residents of Yarrow Point enjoy convenient access to the beautiful 520 bridge, which connects them to downtown Seattle in just 15-30 minutes by car. The Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac) airport is a quick 30 minutes away via I-405, and downtown Bellevue is a 10 minute commute.

This neighborhood is famously named after the poem “Yarrow Unvisited” by William Wordsworth, and officially incorporated as a town in 1959. The Yarrow Garden Club, founded by Marjorie Baird, has been incredibly influential in beautifying the space, from their landscaping efforts at Bellevue High School to the public gardens. Baird later went on to become a respected trustee of the University of Washington Arboretum Foundation. Today, Yarrow Point is known for its beautiful landscapes (both natural and man-made) as well as a suburban, oasis-in-the-city appeal.

Living In Yarrow Point

Yarrow Point locals have enjoyed a long-standing connection to their home and the surrounding water. Most notably, the Weatherill Nature Preserve, an impressive 16 acres of land located between Hunts and Yarrow Point, was set aside in 1989 for the sole purpose of protecting the wildlife and natural ecology of the area. Thirty years later, the Weatherill Nature Preserve remains a stunning refuge for the flora and fauna of the Northwest, complete with an extensive trail system that winds throughout the preserve, which is ideal for running, biking, and even bird-watching.

Above all, the Points may be best known for their annual Fourth of July celebrations. This time-honored event brings the entire community together to kick off the holiday and the official start of summer. Everyone participates in one way or the other, from volunteering to marching in the parade. Residents enjoy grilling at the annual family picnics, and competing in the popular Pickleball tournaments. Planning by the community is a massive endeavor, and begins months in advance. The celebration is an opportunity not only to connect with old friends, but also to forge new relationships with neighbors.

The Real Estate Market

Yarrow Point is a relatively small community, and that is part of the neighborhood’s appeal. The town is composed of only 405 homes in total, and the majority of residents own their own homes. As of 2019, the median home value is $2,000,000, and for those who choose to rent, the median rent is approximately $2,500. It is estimated that about one fourth of the homes in Yarrow Point enjoy immediate waterfront access, and views of Lake Washington can be seen from anywhere.

Yarrow Point is the perfect home for those who desire convenient access to both Seattle and the Eastside, all while enjoying the quiet seclusion of one of the most upscale, waterfront neighborhoods in the entire Pacific Northwest. Due to the highly attractive location and landscape, the real estate market in Yarrow Point can be competitive, but is certainly worth it.