New Rental Law "First Come First Served"

By VDB Compass

Seattle is a hot real estate market these days and that includes the rental market. Rental prices are reaching highs and landlords are receiving so many rental offers, they hold all the power. Seattle is trying to eliminate this problem as well as discrimination issues that are becoming more noticeable. "In 2015, the test found that 34% of landlords showed bias when it came to familial status. And 63% of landlords showed bias towards disabilities," as stated in the Q13 article by Hana Kim.

With so many rental issues arising in a city where the population is continuing to sky rocket, how do you fix the problem? Seattle is implementing a "first come, first serve" law where the landlord is legally bound to give the first qualified tenant application the lease. Landlords are angry because this disrupts their legal rights "'When the government takes away a fundamental attribute of property ownership, your right to sell, to exclude or lease, then that effectively is an unconstitutional taking unless they compensate you,' Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Ethan Blevins said."

What's your opinion? 

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