Continuing Development In Bellevue

By VDB Compass

Chicago Real Estate Mogul Sam Zell and his company, Equity Commonwealth, are planning to build two high rises in the downtown area, on the north side of the Bellevue Transit Center.

The new buildings will house office spaces, business hotel, retail and parking. We can expect an expansive amount of development between NE Sixth and Eighth Streets and 108th and 110th avenues. These projects include condominiums, apartments, hotel and office space.

There is some uncertainty concerning the future for companies like Expedia and Microsoft in the downtown Bellevue area. Expedia plans to move its headquarters from Bellevue to Seattle in 2019 while Microsoft is consolidating operations to its Redmond campus. Equity Commonwealth owns the building that Expedia will leave in 2019 so it will be interesting to see what new companies come to Bellevue.

For the full article, visit Puget Sound Business Journal.


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