By VDB Compass

Design trends are hard to pinpoint in today's world with so many unique styles available to the everyday consumer. Specialists research tirelessly to find the up and coming design crazes that will last more than two weeks. This includes the colors, textures and forms that will dominate the design world for the upcoming year. And while style preferences range throughout the world, the best of the best look to other country's trends to broaden their design horizons.

Brosa Studios' forecast specifies the unique design trends of 2018 that will happen throughout Australia and we like what they have to say. "2017 has been a year of experimentation in the interior design field. Forecasters and trendsetters are predicting that this boundary-pushing will expand even further before it retracts. From strange and unique textures to jaw-dropping colours." 

View their 2018 Interior Design Forecast here.


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