Greater Eastside

The King County area is known for being a fast-growing and attractive part of the country to live, and the Greater Eastside is no exception. With easy access to both the energy of the Seattle metropolitan area to the west and the tranquility of the Cascade Mountains to the east, the Greater Eastside is a fantastic option for those who commute during the week and want to be active on the weekends. From the thriving business district in Kirkland to the green, rolling hills of Sammamish, there is something for everyone on the Greater Eastside.


The Greater Eastside is the area east of Lake Washington that includes Issaquah, Sammamish, and Kirkland. Some notable neighbors are Bellevue and Redmond. Those who visit the Greater Eastside for the first time will be pleasantly surprised by the laid-back atmosphere of this community. There are so many opportunities to enjoy the waterfront activities of Lake Washington and Sammamish as well as mountain trails for biking or running. Due to its abundance of natural beauty, the Greater Eastside has historically been the site for many luxurious vacation homes, cabins, and resorts. Today, this area is known for its comfortable, weekend appeal.

At the same time, the Greater Eastside enjoys a thriving economy. This region is home to tech giants Tableau, Microsoft, Google, and IBM as well as countless startups and medium-sized companies that contribute to Seattle’s reputation as a center for technological advancement. It’s no surprise that the wealth of professional opportunity attracts top talent from all around the world, and this makes the Greater Eastside a vibrant, exciting area to grow a career. Creative, innovative minds will feel right at home here.


Like many of the cities in the Pacific Northwest, the history of the Greater Eastside is rooted in a relationship with the land. The first white settlers mainly worked in the local sawmills or logging camps while some others built ships and shipyards. Since then, the cities of the Greater Eastside have worked to build a well-designed infrastructure to provide beautiful libraries, public parks, and other A+ amenities to their residents. This continued investment into public spaces has fostered a tightly knit community.


The Greater Eastside is perfectly situated at the foothills of the Cascades, and its residents take advantage of it every chance they get. During the winter, people love to visit Snoqualmie for the ski season for a few months of fresh powder, but the summer is when the Pacific Northwest really comes to life. Here, the weekend activities are endless. Visit the stunning Lake Sammamish for lake swimming, bird watching, waterskiing, and boating. Or, take a day trip to the Tiger Mountain State Forest, an impressive 13,745 acre natural preserve located directly southeast of Issaquah. Here’s you will find iconic hikes such as Poo Poo Point Trail that will yield stunning views. Whatever activity piques your interest, it is truly a luxury to have the unrivaled natural beauty of the region at your fingertips.

This area is very attractive to those who may work on either the Eastside or across the bridge in Seattle, and who may have children. The Eastside is home to many award-winning schools, from elementary to university. Since many professionals commute, the Greater Eastside is largely car-dependent, although some public transportation is available in the urban centers. The commute time to downtown Seattle is only about 30 minutes, and travel time to the Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac) Airport is about the same. For those who would rather leave the car in the garage, the Link Light Rail (which currently connects SeaTac to the University of Washington) is intended to expand towards the Eastside. The East Link Rail Line Extension is expected to open in 2023, and it will connect Seattle to Mercer Island and Redmond. This exciting new project will be the world’s first railway to operate on a floating bridge.


The Greater Eastside is set with a stunning backdrop of lush mountains and lakeside views, and the properties themselves are just as beautiful. The median home price in Issaquah is approximately $712,000, while Kirkland sits slightly higher at $721,000. Homes in Sammamish are in high demand, and median home price is $911,000. The Greater Eastside has experienced significant growth in recent years, and with the planned expansion of the Link Light Rail and increased accessibility to Seattle, the area will only become more attractive to buyers. Whether you are looking for a waterfront property with a private boat dock or a luxury condo in the heart of downtown, VDB Compass has expertise knowledge that can help you find a home that is perfect for you.

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