Up, Up And Away For Downtown Bellevue

By VDB Compass

Bellevue is on a nonstop progression of city growth. 

Amazon has officially leased the Centre 425 building which is one of the newest 16 story office buildings in downtown. Amazon's employees will be moving into their new work space later on this summer.

This news comes full circle since Amazon's founder Jeff Bezo's began the company in his Bellevue garage 23 years ago. The company has now grown to 40,000 employees in Washington State with an estimation that 2,000 employees will be housed in the new Bellevue location. Another new addition to be excited about is Amazon's new brick and mortar bookstore opening at Bellevue Square! Amazon's first ever physical bookstore was opened in 2015 in University Village, the Bellevue location will be it's 10th store.

While some malls are struggling, Bellevue Square is thriving and continuing to add high end retailers and luxury companies in the place of struggling retail chains like J.C. Penny. We are excited to see how Bellevue is changing and growing!

To read more about Belleuve, visit Puget Sound Business Journal


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