The World, The Largest Private Residential Ship

By VDB Compass


The very accurately named private cruise ship, The World, has left the Seattle docks but is coming back our way in early September. This ship is hard to miss, as the world's largest private residential ship with 165 luxury homes on board. To continue with it's impressive specifications list, it is 644 feet long with 12 decks and features a putting course, grocery store, tennis court, two swimming pools, six restaurants, nightclub, helicopter pad and the list goes on and on!

Bellevue's own Arlene Wright, the philanthropist and former publisher, sold her three bedroom suite on the ship for about $5 million dollars. She expressed that touring the world for five years on the ship offered a deep learning experience and lasting friendships. She was able to see places like Papua, New Guinea and the Arctic while meeting people who had similar lifestyles of traveling.

The World made it's debut in 2002 with a non stop itinerary set by the owners, circumnavigating the globe every two to three years. Seattle has been lucky to see this ship in our port three times since it's launch 15 years ago. If you are interested in owning a part of the world's largest residential cruise ship, studio sized homes cost around $660,000 and can reach up to $14 million for suites. 

Read more about The World, visit the Puget Sound Business Journal


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    February 20, 2019

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