Lincoln Square Expansion Update

By VDB Compass

Lincoln Square Expansion

It has been eleven years since Kemper Development Company debuted Lincoln Square in Belleuve. The $1 Billion Lincoln Square expansion project is moving forward with almost 90% of its office spaces leased. The expansion is 1.5 million square feet of property, bringing exciting new additions to the Bellevue city including restaurants and retail shops. Just to put things into perspective- there is 180,000 square feet of retail, dining and entertainment space and six levels of parking!

The president of Kemper, Jim Melby, explains why retail space is a must in the new expansion. "'It’s the synergy that retail creates,' Melby said. 'Retail is a catalyst that makes everything else more vibrant. Our office buildings tend to do better because of the retail, our hotels are a better place to stay because of the retail,' he added. He also said that the play of the retail and its effect on hotels and office space is what the expansion is all about. 'It’s that dynamic that really defines us and that’s what our new project is really just continuing to supplement,' he said.

This is going to be a wonderful addition to Bellevue, introducing and breathing new life into the city.

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