Amazon Is Taking Over Seattle

By VDB Compass

I'm sure by now everyone has noticed the large Bioshperes in South Lake Union. Amazon has officially taken over Seattle! Being a Seattle based company since the mid 1990's, most Seattleites have a special place in their heart for the largest internet-based retailer in the world. And ever since 2010, when Amazon moved it's corporate offices to South Lake Union, their company continues to grow at an impressive rate. Amazon now employees more than 340,000 employees worldwide with 110,000 employees added in 2016 alone. Of those, 30,000 employees are working in Seattle.

Making the Denny Triangle neighborhood of Seattle it's new home, Amazon has unveiled three giant, greenery filled domes called biospheres as well as the addition of new skyscrapers expanding over four blocks. The first skyscraper, Doppler, opened in 2015. 

If any of the above numbers don't blow your mind, just remember by 2022 (when it is expected to be completed) Amazon could potentially occupy 12 million square feet of real estate in Seattle- 20% of the current total office inventory!! 

Seattle is only growing, with some saying we are becoming the new San Francisco. 

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